Karijini Here I Come!

19 04 2010

I’m so excited.  Tomorrow afternoon I leave for what I’m anticipating will be an incredible photography workshop.  I’m heading out to Karjini National Park in the Pilbara for a workshop that is being run by Peter Eastway, Christian Fletcher, and Tony Hewitt.  Three exceptionally talented pros are taking us to a landscape Mecca to immerse ourselves in the gorgeous colours of the outback and this magical place.  I will be offline for the week, and the guys have asked me to run a guest class one night on Night Photography and Light Painting, so that should be fun…. I’ve got a special idea in mind that I’m going to try to execute with the group.

As usual I will be taking my little video camera, so when I get back I will share with you the behind-the-scenes mayhem of this incredible workshop.  Just to make you a bit jealous I am going to leave with some incredible imagery from Mike Fletcher (Christian’s brother).   He shot this with a Canon 5DII.   Enjoy…….  See you all in just over a week… hopefully with some half-decent images.




6 responses

19 04 2010

The subject matter in that video is pretty sweet mate!

See you tomorrow evening!

19 04 2010

oh yeah Markie, some good looking scenery in that vid hey!

20 04 2010

Your reputation precedes you – I believe that more than one of the presenters has been seen walking painfully out of their local waxing salon.

Look forward to seeing your work.

20 04 2010
Brent Pearson

Actually you reminded me… I was planning on posting a warning in my blog above the video to ignore the ugly guys strutting around!!!!!

See you soon

23 04 2010
Doug Turney

The DOF in the video is very interesting. Was this video shot on a DSLR?

29 04 2010

Hi Doug

Yes, the video of Karijini was shot by a very talented videographer called Mike Fletcher using a Canon 5D MkII


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