Karijini – Beatiful Place… Beautiful Model

28 04 2010

While we were at Karijini we had a very pretty waitress called Tahlea who not only had a great smile, but a gorgeous personality.  So I propositioned her to see if she would like to join Mark Stothard and I for an off-camera flash shoot in the gorge the following morning.  Tahlea was certainly up for the challenge and we had a really enjoyable time shooting in and around Kermits Pool.  Here’s just a couple of the shots I took.

While Tahlea was a bit unsure about the whole “modelling thing” at first, after just a few minutes she really got into the spirit of the session and enjoyed being photographed.  I used one Nikon SB900 with a brolly to light Tahlea.

Plenty more images coming of Karijini… I’m not even attempting to process my best images until I get back to my desktop computer.





8 responses

28 04 2010

Great shots Brent and I really enjoyed the off flash experience and working with the lovely Tahlea.

Thanks for the heads up on the whole flash gig as it was certainly not one of my strong points!

28 04 2010
Will Ophuis

Nice! shes a stunner, Great spot you fellas chose to do this, shoulda come on the workshop!

28 04 2010

Brave too, from memory the water there wasn’t that warm this time of the year last year!

28 04 2010

Just stared at these for 10 min, then realised Karijini was in the picture as well. 🙂

28 04 2010

Brent you and Markie know how to have a good time, my “landscapes looked nothing like that” Muzz you wouldn’t have liked the model shoot you are a dedicated landscape guy like me. Also Brent, how come none of us got an invite to the shoot?

29 04 2010

Hey Christian
Yes, Mark and I had a ball shooting with Tahlea, not only was she a great model, but she’s great fun to spend time with (bubbly personality etc.).

The only reason you weren’t invited is that I knew you were too professional to run off and ignore your students. If it wasn’t your workshop I would have invited you guys in a heartbeat. I should be coming back to Perth within the next month or two, and I’ve got an interesting idea for an off-camera flash shoot in the old Freo Power station with a model. We’ll make up for it.


29 04 2010

Two guys approach a beautiful girl and ask if she would come and pose in an isolated gorge in her bikinis so they can take photos and she says yes – she obviously realised that both of you were trustworthy and professional and she would be safe in that situation. I bet she was thinking the same thing I was thinking when I looked at this post – “What a nice pair!”.

30 04 2010
Andrew Brown

Great shots Brent, could use these for the next G’day WA campaign or whatever slogan they use over there……still laughing at the comments from Muzz.

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