Photoshop CS5 First Impressions

4 05 2010

I just upgraded to CS5 yesterday, thought I’d give you my first impressions.


For those of you worried about compatibility etc.  the first thing to understand is that the installation of CS5 doesn’t replace earlier versions of Photoshop (or at least not my version of CS4).  So you can continue to run both versions in parrallel until such time that you are fully migrated to CS5.


Because CS5 runs in 64bit mode it is fast… really fast.  There is one filter that I use for an effect called the Surface Blur.  In CS4 this filter would take forever to run, however in CS5 it runs in just a few seconds which is way cool.  I haven’t tested out other aspects of the speed, but it certainly does run faster.

Plug-in compatibility

I did get a bit of a shock when I copied my major plug-ins (Nik Sharpener, Nik Silver Effex Pro and Noise Ninja) to the plug-ins folder and then re-started Photoshop only to discover that they didn’t appear in the drop-down list for filters.    I read the FAQ on Nik’s site and they clearly state that their plug-ins are NOT yet 64bit compatible but that they were working on it.

My plan tonight is to run CS5 in 32bit mode (just tick the box on the Cmd+I screen on the mac).   That should give me access to all my Plug-ins.

However I did get a chance to play with the new content aware fill and it is freaking awesome!!!!

More later as I start getting used to it.




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4 05 2010

Thanks for the preview, I looked at it last night but ran out of time to buy the upgrade. This morning I’ve got all these emails saying that I used up my month’s broadband capacity overnight (12gb) which is pretty amazing since I was asleep and so was my computer. So I have a feeling my wireless network has been hijacked by a friendly neighbour. In the meantime I can only run at 64kb, brings back memories of the old modem days. So wont be downloading any upgrades until I get it sorted.

I had the same problem with the Nik filters on CS4, so I run the 64bit version for some stuff but have to use 32bit when I need to use Nik filters, wish they would get a move on, its a shame to have to use 32bit when 64 is available.

4 05 2010

Should be getting my upgrade soon as well mate!

5 05 2010

I’ve just upgraded, and having the same issues with noise ninja although they reckon the built in noise reduction in the new camera raw is just as good although I have yet to see for myself. Luckily I upgraded to CS5 before buying Nik software so I’ll hang off untill they upgrade. Cracking shot of junction pool – I should have come with you guys on the last day!

5 05 2010

Snooze you lose Rich!!!

5 05 2010

how’s your foot Mark? Still waiting to see the pix on CF’s site!

5 05 2010

Coming good thanks mate. Got some Magnoplasm onto it last night and it drew out a 2mm point that was lodged in there so it is coming good fast now…just ready for the Autumn shoot with CF and the boys tomorrow!

10 05 2010
Lee Duguid

Hi Brent,
Unfortunately Nik and the rest have been saying they will support 64 bit for quite a while but still have yet to do it. Hopefully it’s not to far away. I downloaded a demo of CS5 and yes it seems to be quicker which is great. I can’t say I’ve had great experience with the content aware spot tool though. I think although it takes longer you are still better to do it manually. Let me know what you think when you’ve had more of a play.


10 05 2010

I’ve been running in 32bit mode now for over a week and it seems to be working fine with my plugins. I’m going to de-install CS4 this coming weekend.

Regarding content aware fill, I’ve had brilliant experience with it. Keep in mind you can use it two ways… from the healing brush, also from the fill dialog. I’ve been using both (healing brush for small touch ups and fill for larger patchups) and I LOVE THE FEATURE. It has saved me heaps of time.

I’ve just started playing with the new HDR feature too….. stay tuned.


16 05 2010
David Richter

I haven’t had the chance to test the 64-bit version as of yet before being fully migrated to Mac and all plug-ins being refined but I noticed an increased speed even in the 32-bit mode which is impressive considering the muscles CS5 comes with.

You should give the new and much improved refine edge tool a try, Brent. This thing is brilliant when you have to mask landscape images with complex tree lines and even hair for portraitures, I imagine but you are into that, not me! 😉

Cheers mate! I agree to everything you said. Brilliance defined!

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