Karijini – The Great Unknown

7 05 2010

You know what has surprised me the most about my Karijini experience?  Since I have come back, I’ve been boring the living hell out of every living thing I have come into contact with…. “I just got back from one of the most beautiful places in the world… want to see some pictures….”

I would have spoken to at least 30 people over here in Sydney and Melbourne, and so far not a single person has heard of Karijini.  Now I know that it is probably pretty common over in Sand Groper land, but it amazes me how somewhere this beautiful can be so undiscovered and unknown amongst Aussies (much less overseas photographers).

Perhaps we should just keep it that way…. our little secret.





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7 05 2010

Yep … keep it that way Brent , shhhhh. 🙂

7 05 2010

I dare say most of Australia is probably seldom seen, and that most Australians have seen very little of this country.

Hell, I’ve seen more of the rest of the world than I’ve seen of ‘Straya.

7 05 2010

Nicely worked Brent..real nice mate!

7 05 2010

Thanks Mark. Yeah I was happy with the way both of these turned out.

Hey don’t forget to get back to me on the model concept.


9 05 2010
Luke Austin

Keep it that way. Try to at least 🙂
Beautiful images Brent

10 05 2010
Andrew Brown

Great shot Brent, Karijini is a beautiful spot alright. I ventured there 13 odd years ago at 21 on my way around Oz. Unfortunately my photography skills back then weren’t all that flash.

12 05 2010

aggreed! Gotta love the colours and textures, awesome shots.

14 05 2010

I grew up as a kid about 200km from Karijini and never went there. Christan’s book of Karijini is a must for anyone wanting inspiration to go there.

25 05 2010

Hi Brent,
Just came across your site while looking at landscapes to learn as I am a newbe. Love your photography.
Spent two days in Karijini in June 08, all the time we had. For which I must say I am very thankful, but my shots were washed out or to dark in the shadows.
Would love to hear how you achieved your shots?
Keep up the amazing photos,I have your site earmarked now.
Cheers and thanks
Pt. Lincoln

25 05 2010

Hey Geoff
Obviously I haven’t seen your shots, but my guess would be your problems were due to the time of the day you were shooting in the gorges. We shot first thing in the morning after sunrise or last thing before sunset. This way the sun doesn’t shine directly into the gorges but instead bounce off the walls.

If you get sunlight in your shot you are hosed….. So if you go back to Karijini, shoot before or after the sun shines directly in.


26 05 2010

Hi Brent,
Thanks for the quick reply, Iv’e spent the last couple of hours checking out your Blog. Some seriously stunning photos, now I must get out and practice, practice,practice.
Thanks again

5 06 2010

Really admire the Knox Gorge Log image. It is so hard to get all parts of that sort of shot with nice exposure (but I guess you’re the guy for the job!!). Most of those sorts of gorge shots depress the heck out of me – lots of dark browns. Very nice treatment on this one.

13 06 2010

Hi Brent, these images would be some of the best I have seen of Karijini!

I have planed to go there late in August. Going up on my bike and in the planing stage now on what to take.pack and all that.

Got any hot tips? It will be my first time there and I am quite excited as you would guess. Had planned to do the workshop, but the $$ were a bit short at the time.

Cheers mate keep up the outstanding work!

15 06 2010

Hey David

My “hot tip” would be to do the Canyoning trip with Dan from WestCoastActive. You won’t regret it.

I have posted my Karijini Video now, so check it out on my blog.


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