Karijini – The Movie

15 06 2010

Well at last I had some time to edit up the video that I shot on the Karijini workshop.  So for those of you that shared this experience with me, I hope it brings back a few memories.  For those of you that are thinking about going to Karijini, I hope this excites and motivates you.  My advice would be to try and join the next workshop that Christian, Tony & Peter put on.   It doesn’t matter what level of photographer you are, you will definitely get a lot out of it (while having a great time).

My final piece of advice would be to sign up for the Canyoning trip with Dan “The Man” who runs Westcoast Active. I reckon I got some of my best photos deep in the canyon system.

If you really want to enjoy the video below,  go and view it in Vimeo where you will get it in full resolution.  (you can go to vimeo to watch it by clicking this link)

Enjoy the video… it’s about 6min long.




30 responses

15 06 2010

Nice vid brent. Certainly gives you an appreciation for the effort that’s needed to get into some of those places.

15 06 2010

Cool video, and not easy to do under the circumstances.

Well done Brent , mammoth effort.

15 06 2010

Great video! It does bring back wonderful memories and I can see I missed out on a fair bit not joining the convoy to drive up.

Thanks for the opportunity to experience the gorges that I didn’t get to!

15 06 2010
James Harrison

Great vid Brent, great trip mind blowing country.

15 06 2010
Jonathan Hartland

Fantastic video Brent, awesome scenery, know how hard it is to photograph or video in canyons. Would love to do a similar trip up there, read your blog and saw your pics and really inspired to go there. Do you know when the the next workshop is on or who I can ctc to find out ?


15 06 2010

great video Brent,

thanks for sharing, brings back great memories.


15 06 2010
Flemming Bo Jensen

Great video Brent, looked like you guys had an awesome trip, looks like lots of fun. I met Dan last time in Karijini, really nice guy.

15 06 2010

HEY Jonathan

Contact Christian Fletcher (the crazy guy in the video).

His email address is christianfletcher@westnet.com.au

Tell him Brent sent you and that he should move you to the top of the list 😉

I’m pretty sure he’ll be running it around the same time again next year (end of April).

I HIGHLY recommend it. Photographic trip of a lifetime!!!!!


15 06 2010

You are daman Brentboy! I nearly wet myself at the title…Anne Denn!

Great music selection and a great cross section of the action.

Sweet mate and thanks for taking the time to put it together…….annn dennnnn!

15 06 2010

Great video, really brings the moments back! Next stop Sydney…

16 06 2010
Grant Pitcher

Wow that’s awesome footage. Something to get us all inspired to get out there. Well done.

16 06 2010

nice mate but not enough shots of me!! I wish my brother could put something together as quick as you. Makes me want to go back and do it all over again. Thats right, I am!! Markie sounded just like Likky when decending into Knox gorge, very funny. Well done on doing this mate. will put the link up on my blog to send more people your way.

16 06 2010

You’ll need to wait for the Christian Fletcher blooper tape.


16 06 2010

I disagree CF…the content was perfect…especially given how many times I managed to sneak in frame!

Mark Lik….Unnnnn……………………………..believable!

Can’t wait for the blooper Brent!

16 06 2010

Cool vid Brent …. Brings back a few memories, wish we could do it again next week … Damn you even included the 5am “Put the lime in the coconut” dance in with Markie LOL

16 06 2010

Ahh the legendary dance team eh Neal…an dennnnnn!

16 06 2010

LOL … an dennnnnn we did it again in 2011 😉

17 06 2010
Peter Eastway

Hey Brent – great footage – didn’t know I had so much hair and so much of a spare tyre! More exercise for me!

17 06 2010

Too much footage of markie and Peter!

17 06 2010
Stephen Williams

pretty awesome video, amazing place and sure looks like an amazing course.
would have been pretty entertaining too i’m sure! 🙂

17 06 2010

Great footage Brent – definitely green with envy. When the going gets tough, the tough get going – looks like CF disappeared shortly after the pizza 🙂

24 06 2010

wicked stuff Brent – I think it’s safe to say that I’m bloody jealous!

Heading over to WA in a couple of weeks – but won’t get as far as Karijini! Oh well, maybe next year!

2 07 2010
Hugh Deck

It truly is a wonderful place. My mind boggled at the landscapes on the way there, let along inside the park. If you ever get to go back the drive north to Karratha, along a dirt road through the desert and past Hammersley Gorge, is a must. It’s one of the best drives I’ve ever done anywhere on earth.

As a whole, you’re right, it is a true hidden gem, and though most Aussies don’t know of it, in some ways I’m glad about that. I’d heard rumours about a proposed paved road into Purnululu NP up in the Kimberley, and when that happens the big tour buses start to come in, and soon there’s day trippers all about. I’d hate to think the same might happen here, at least not for a while if it has to. There was hardly anyone in the park during my visit, and a wonderful sense of solitude prevailed. That’s the best thing about WA – the elusive combination of solitude and large-scale grandeur. It’s remote and a bit difficult to visit, and that’s good in my view.

Shame I got such lame weather during my only visit, way back in 2005. I was also on my own during that visit, so exploring the canyons in detail wasn’t altogether safe and there’s a lot for me to go back to see. I wasn’t really aware of any canyoning operators at the time, so that’s another thing to do.

Anyway, well done with the video and I’m glad you seemed to have such a good time there.

5 07 2010

They know about it now Hugh.

10 07 2010

OMG!! Brent… you have NO idea how much I hate you now!! haha… uugghh.. some people have ALL the fun!

I was wondering how much does that tour/trip cost and also I noticed someone using the P65+ … was he using it on large format?!

11 07 2010

Hey Tigerclaws

Yup, Karijini was sure fun… Loved every minute of it.

Are you referring to how much the entire workshop cost, or the canyoning trip at the end?

Regarding the P65+ back, we had two photographers shooting with this back (Christian and Peter Eastway). They were shooting with Medium format bodies. I believe that Christian was using it on a Hassleblad, and Peter was shooting on an old film body, I think it was called an Arpa (or something like that)… very retro but apparently unbelievable quality!!!!


13 07 2010

The colors in the picture are unreal! I can’t believe that’s a real place. Do you do anything to that picture?

14 07 2010

Hey Maggie
The colours in the video are absolutely real. No post processing applied except for editing. The still photos have had some very minor colour enhancement done in order to recreate the colours I experienced.


20 07 2010
Keith Friend

Entirely envious…

I have shot that fletcher dude an email or two.. I think I am on the list for 2011..

a great little video.. I want to go even more now…

great work..

21 07 2010

Hey Keith

The next issue of Better Photography will feature the workshop at Karijini and you’ll see lots of images to wet your appetite.

You will love it.


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