Environmental Portrait

19 06 2010

One of the things I like about the experimentation that I have been doing with models is creating environmental portraits…. capturing the subject in their environment.

I snapped this shot of Mr. Pritchard on our Karijini trip.  I liked the soft tones of the background colours.

OK. OK… So Neal is not Tahlea in a bikini….





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19 06 2010

I’m thankful he’s not in a bikini.

19 06 2010

Tahlea he is not but a great shot of Neal mate!

20 06 2010

You seem to have a knack for catching folks unaware … I think thats the second time you have caught me unaware … I always prefer those shots to the standard “stand here and smile” shots folks take …

The clarity on this image stunning and I love the soft pinkish tones in the landscape you have used … Did you use off camera flash ?

20 06 2010

All Neil needs a Peter Lik hat and he could be his twin.

20 06 2010

UN-Believe-able LOL 🙂

20 06 2010

beat me to it Matt, Likky has nothing on this macho man. This guy looks like he only needs one shot!

21 06 2010
Will ophuis

Yep Lik twin for sure lol!

21 06 2010
James Souter

Nice work Brent

What post processing have you done to the photo to get that result?

22 06 2010

Hey James

Well to start with, I shot the image at f2.8 so all the blurring/sharpness was as it was captured in camera.

As far as processing I did the following

I Added a Calivinize layer to create the warm mood (this is the trick I demoed at Karijini).
Then I added a Freaky detail layer
Then I did some curves to darken selected parts of the image
Bit of vignette
Final sharpen

Thats it.


24 06 2010

Is there a reason his legs, hands and chest is shaved? 😉
this looks weird…

24 06 2010

@ Matt Lauder – haha Neal would have to cut off his sleeves too!

9 07 2010

this is a stella shot.
so good to not have to look at another pic of fletch! 😉
now u just need to make an film on Neal to match that of Likky’s

15 07 2010

where you at Brent??

17 07 2010

I’m in Vegas right now… just finished a 3 week holiday in USA including a week in Utah.



18 07 2010

when you home mate, missing your posts

19 07 2010

In Las Vegas now. Driving to LA today and flying home tonight.

Speak soon


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