Some Black And White Studio Shooting

15 08 2010

This past week has seen me doing a number of studio shoots in Black and White.  Today I did a fantastic workshop run by Daniel Linnet over at Sydney Photographic Workshops.  The workshop was called Studio Lighting and it was not only a blast, but incredibly insightful.   I’ve admired Daniel’s photography for ages (since I saw one of his presentations at North Sydney Camera Club about a year back).

Anyway today we spent the day in various low key and high key lighting setups and it was a blast.  We worked with a fantastic model called Rev who is quite a character and very photogenic.  I’ve got a great video shot of the workshop that I’ll post later this week when I can edit it up.

Last Monday night I went back into the studio for my second shoot in the Bodyscape series.  This is Desiree.  Last time I shot her arse (which was pretty damn fine), but this time I shot her lovely face as well.

If anybody wants tutorials posted on any of these shots, just holler and I’ll knock one up.




8 responses

15 08 2010

Can you put up tut’s for them all Brent, we all love you stuff !!!!

16 08 2010

Typo Merv? – the “u” is right next to the “i”. 😉

16 08 2010

Brent any chance of a tutorial of your Rev shoot the processing and shots are stunning!

16 08 2010
Sandy @ Shots

Forsaken – fantastic. love it love it love it!

16 08 2010
True North Mark

Brilliant shots there big buddy…truly inspiring mate!

18 08 2010

Really stunning portraits! I love the last one of Desiree. Personally, it works even better than the arse shot lol. Well executed and processed. Lots of creativity here, Brent!

18 08 2010

Awesome Brent, love ya work. Might be in Sydney the week of the 6-10th with some mates, but miss you tute by a week. Bugger.

23 08 2010

Great work Brent. I would love to see the post processing for Desiree!!

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