Photoshop Tutorial – Graffiti Artist

31 08 2010

Last weekend I had a ball with Kajo and Chris Belyea shooting this image in the old Dunlop Factory.  The model is Sarah Jane Kelly who is a lovely young girl to work with.  I was evaluating a set of Elinchrom Ranger Quadras for the weekend, so I went out with the goal of shooting a stylised portrait of the model as a graffiti artist.

I was very happy with the way the shot turned out.  I applied quite a bit of stylised post processing.  If you are interested in how I processed it, check out the tutorial below.






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1 09 2010

Stunning work Brent, thanks for the tutorials, starting to make the time to watch, love the effort you go to share your work.

1 09 2010
Jonathan Hartland

Hey Brent,
How did you go with the evaluation of the Elinchrom Ranger Quadras, I’m in the market for some triggers and trying to decide what to spend the money on.
Rgds Jonathan

1 09 2010

Hi Jonathan
While I liked the Quadras and they are nice lights, I’ve decided NOT to go ahead with them.

Instead I’m buying an Einstein from Paul Buff along with a Parabolic Light Modifier, Vagabond II portable power supply.

If you are interested in the rationale behind this decision let me know and I’ll post it.


1 09 2010

Thanks for sharing again Brent. It’s great to get a few different tips each time without too much brain overload – they are very easy to listen to and follow. Now I just have to get off my backside and try some of them myself.

3 09 2010
True North Mark

fantastic shot once again there big buddy!

You are really starting to hit your straps with your lighting techniques now and it shows!

I will have a look at the tut when I get a mo!

5 09 2010

Fabulous work! Love it!

12 09 2010

Mate brilliant work!

15 09 2010

Great work Brent, sharp as a tack and beautiful model.
May need a bit of spray on her fingers for a bit of authenticity.

9 10 2010
Graffiti Artist | Bogga Bogga

[…] I deliberately processed this image pretty hard in Photoshop because I really wanted a stylised image. If you want to see my post processing, head over to my blog site where i have a full tutorial video posted. […]

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