Having Fun With Smoke

12 09 2010

Yesterday a few of us went out to the Old Dunlop Factory and made these images with model Zoe Rayne.

We used pretty simple lighting gear (3 speedlights for the first shot) and a single speedlight for the last shot.   We gelled the key light with a full cut of CT O and set our cameras on Tungsten White Balance which through the background into a nice eirie blue.  I borrowed a smoke machine and rented a small generator and we had a lot of fun playing around.  For those of you that like the “behind-the-scenes” videos, I hope you enjoy this one.

Music is by Arcade Fire and the track is called “We Used to Wait”






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12 09 2010
Brett Morgan

Brent awesome shoot it just goes to se that sometimes simple is all you need and the outcome of the shots are awesome to cant wait for you to be in W.A. again will be gunning for a lighting session with you for sure :).

12 09 2010

Brent this is just amazing. Mate like Mark said you have just exploded into brilliant work. Yes if your ever in WA for a lightpainting session I will be there with bells on!

Cheers mate.

12 09 2010

Thanks for your comments David and Brett I appreciate it.

I do get to WA regularly, in fact I’m going to be there in a couple of weeks… maybe we should organise a similar type of shoot over there one night in a cool old abandoned building.
1 model, light it as a group and then just pass the trigger around.

I know that there are plenty of Perth models that would be keen.


12 09 2010
Brett Morgan

Brent sounds like a pretty cool idea indeed I will be very keen to do something I have done some shooting in the Old Fremantle Power Station in HDR and are some images on my blog site for you to see if you like http://www.brettmorgan09.wordpress.com.
There are some awesome places inside the old building to do just the same thing with and have been percolating it through my mind for sometime now so if you like would be great to catch up and do some for sure.


12 09 2010

Great editing of the video Brent! I gotta say my filming skills are bloody awesome 🙂

12 09 2010

Hey Kajo

You did do a very good job of the filming.. made it very easy for me in the editing.

Where’s you processed shots?

12 09 2010

I always look forward to your behind-the-scenes videos – somehow seems to put things just within reach of us mere mortals. Great results too – I like the way you have pre-visualised and constructed the shoot to get the results you wanted.

Can you tell me what you were using to hold the gel on the strobe (perspex holder) and was the gridspot designed to go with it.

Cheers, and thanks again for sharing

13 09 2010

Hey Muzz

Glad you enjoy the videos.

The gel holder is this one

I also bought these two gel kits that fit nicely into the holder


Hope that helps

13 09 2010
Jamie Paterson

Hi Brent,

Its a great shot. Shame that we didn’t catch up on Saturday.


13 09 2010
Jose Campoy

Amazingly clear, I will try this ASAP !

thanks for sharing your tips.

13 09 2010
Chris Belyea

@ Kajo … not bad on a smoke machine either 😉

13 09 2010

Hey Brent,
Just a quick question. Where do you source your models from in your shoots?
Are they personal friends or via an agency?
Personally, Zoe is one of the best you’ve used yet.

14 09 2010

Hey Sledgy

I get my models from http://www.modelmayhem.com


3 10 2010
True North Mark

Beautiful work as always there big guy!

10 03 2011
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28 12 2011
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