Light Painting An Entire Freaking City!!!

28 10 2010

Check this out…. This is light painting on a grand scale… What a project.  50 photographers went to great details to light paint an entire city.  While the translation from Spanish is not perfect, it’s still worth having a read of what these guys got up to.  Absolutely amazing.

You can read the whole story here.




4 responses

28 10 2010
Andrew Jones

Amazing. Hey Brent, was that you mentioned in this month’s Better Photography magazine. Reference was to light painting?

28 10 2010
True North Mark

Very impressive mate!

29 10 2010

Hey Andrew

I don’t think I’ve seen this month’s better photography magazine so I can’t answer your question, but you have my curiousity aroused now… i better try to find a copy of one.


5 11 2010

That’s insanity !

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