Photoshop Tutorial – Post Processing Jackel

14 11 2010

The image above shows you the before (bottom) and after (top) of my shot with Jackel.  I thought I would go ahead and publish a tutorial showing you the various steps that I went through to transform the image.  I make this point in the video, but it’s worth emphasising.  I’m finding that my Photoshop techniques are changing.  I’m adding more layers, but being more subtle about the effect of each layer…. so I’m making more smaller steps rather than fewer big adjustments.  I think it definitely pays dividends in terms of the subtelty of the finished image.  I hope you find this tutorial useful.






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14 11 2010
Photoshop Tutorial – Post Processing Jackel « Brent Pearson's … |

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14 11 2010
True North Mark

Excellent tutorial mate…really enjoyed that and picked up a few tips for sure!

18 11 2010

The linear dodge trick on the eyes is great, I’m gonna be using that from now on

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