Ran The Second Off Camera Flash Workshop..

23 11 2010

Last Sunday Scott Buchannan and I ran the second off camera flash workshop.  It was a real hoot.  A great bunch of folks to spend a day with.  The images are just starting to come through from the participants and there are some lovely images.  I thought I’d share one image from me and one image from Scott.  This will give you a bit of a sense for the workshop.

This is my shot of of Zumbi, our male model for the day.  Man was this guy ripped.  He reminded me of me in my younger days (in my dreams).   Anyway after a few straight forward one-light setups, we then hit the Dunlop Factory and created more of a fantasy scene with Zumbi and April.  This next shot is one that Scott snapped right at the end.  Gives you a bit of a feel for the day.

Photo By Scott Buchannan

I’ll probably run another workshop in Q1 next year if there is enough interest, but for now, I’m taking a break for a month or two and just going to get out and enjoy my photography.  I’ve got a couple of great shoots organised for the next few weeks, and  a few ideas for some great tutorials for the blog.






One response

24 11 2010

love that portrait Brent, you need to go to PNG. The portraits you could get there mate. I think the composition is perfect in this one and love the lighting.

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