Presentation At St George on 2nd December

24 11 2010

If anybody is in the area of bored out of their brain next Thursday night,  I’m delivering a presentation at St. George Camera Club @ 8PM.  I’ve been working on what I hope will be a cracker of a presentation.   In a nutshell I’m going to demo more than 20 of my best tips and tricks.  I’m grouping them into basic intermediate and advanced stuff, and I’m going to cycle through them demoing a basic tip, then an intermediate trip, then an advanced tip… then back to the beginning again.  I’m going to be going hard for a about 2 hours (or until I go through all of the topics.).

I’ve been racking my brain to try and get all of my very best little tips and tricks organised into one killer presentation.

I’m calling the presentation “Brain Squeeze”!

So, if you are in the neighborhood, drop in to St. George Leagues Club and say hi. I’m sure they will welcome visitors.





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24 11 2010

Looking forward to the presentation Brent 🙂

25 11 2010
Mick Smith

I’m always impressed at your willingness to share your tips Brent. I wish I could attend but its a tad far from little old Adelaide. Any chance of taping this? Or condensing it somehow into a Blog tutorial? 🙂


26 11 2010

Hi Brent, how are you? Good stuff mate, I have just done a couple of very little ones for the local club here in town. Nothing on what you can offer! But a great night all the same. I felt like a bit of a movie star being swamped after the night.
Have fun!!

1 12 2010

Sounds like it will be a great presentation. Unfortunately I will be flying down to Tassie. Goodluck Brent!!! Hope it goes well mate…

3 12 2010
Karen Scrimes

Hi Brent. Thanks so much for the wonderful presentation last night. It was great of you to share all your wonderful tips. I definitely had lots of asterisks!! I look forward to you coming back again for hopefully a full day. Cheers and thanks again!

Karen 🙂

24 01 2011

Forgot to mention I enjoyed your presentation Brent, too bad about the time limit!

25 01 2011

Hey Ed
Thanks for your kind notes on my blog.

I just flew back to Sydney this morning and will be posting the first of my images to my blog this evening.


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