Testing My Lumodi Beauty Dish

5 12 2010



This weekend I took delivery of a Lumodi Beauty dish.  I managed to coax my youngest son into an ad-hoc modelling session with me in the lounge room so that I could get a feel for the light qualities of this particular modifier.  It’s a bit weird to get used to compared to say a shoot-through brolly or a soft box.  Feels as though it is less forgiving in terms of placement, however I do like the quality of the light from it.

I have two studio shoots coming up in the next week.  The one on Tuesday night is going to be very ambitious, but if it comes off it will be spectacular (stay tuned), and then a session on the weekend with two models where I am just focusing on head and shoulders shots.  This should allow me to really focus on lighting and working with the models.



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5 12 2010
True North Mark

That looks like it works pretty well to me mate…nicely done and your young fella is a chip off the old block mate!

24 12 2010

May I know which Lumodi you use: white, silver or titanium
Does it come with diffuser?

25 12 2010

I bought the White beauty dish without the diffuser.


25 12 2010

Thank you….your two examples are first rate.

How do you know where to position and at what distance from subject
since flash doesn’t have modeling lamp?

26 12 2010

The way to learn where to position a beauty dish is similar to any light modifier, just get out there and do tests… close, further away, low, high, centre, angled. If you can, shoot tethered as this helps you evaluate and adjust in real time.


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