Off To Tanzania

17 01 2011

I’m sitting at Dubai airport on my way to Tanzania for a week.  Our company supports a number of charitable causes in both Australia and Africa and I’m on my way to The School of St Judes in Arusha to produce a fund raising video and some photographs for them.

It’s great to be able to use photography in this way, helping a school for the underprivileged raise money.  It’s an amazing story.  This school was started by an Australian lady, and she has built it up to over 1500 students and is providing them with world-class education.   Each year thousands of kids try to go to this school, but to qualify, you must

  • Be from an incredibly poor family (ie. no electricity or running water in your house)
  • Have the academic potential to succeed.

I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time out in the poor villages interviewing and photographing the parents and siblings of the kids that have been accepted to St. Judes.

I’m taking a very lightweight strobist setup

  • 2 X SB900 speedlights
  • 1 umbrella adapter
  • 1 28″ Apollo softbox (I love the control, speed of setup and simplicity of this modifier)
  • 1 Monopod
  • Set of triggers
  • Grid, snoot, and coloured gels

And my 14 year old son Tim as my camera assistant / lighting grip.

Hopefully I’ll get some interesting environmental portraits that I’ll post to this blog from Tanzania.

More to come




8 responses

17 01 2011
Quang Tran

Hi Brent,
That’s a really nice thing you’re doing in Tanzania. Look forward to see the photos and video production.

Cheers, Quang

17 01 2011
True North Mark

Sounds like a waycool gig there big buddy!

You are the man for such a gig as well and you will nail it big time I reckon…waiting with a ‘worm on my tongue’….(baited breath) to see the results!!! 🙂

17 01 2011

Have super trip Brent. What a great opportunity for father-son bonding as well as life lessons for a growing teen.

17 01 2011

Sounds like an epic journey Brent. Like everyone I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

18 01 2011
Tim D

Best of luck Brent. Such a fantastic effort! Stay Safe

18 01 2011

Good Luck, but what is your camera? lenses?

20 01 2011

Hi Brent,
didn’t know you were off to Tanzania, what an incredible trip.
Hope you get a plenty of photography time and I can hardly wait to see the results when you’re back.
Travel safe!

24 01 2011

Thats incredible. You should be back by now, how did it go? Look forward to seeing what you came up with!

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