Here’s an Incredible Story – What I was doing in Tanzania

29 01 2011

I finished cutting the video that I shot last week in Tanzania for the School of St. Jude.  If you have 10min and want to see the most amazing accomplishment by an Aussie girl (Gemma Sisia), then I urge you to check out this video.  It really is an incredible story what she has accomplished in one of the poorest countries in the world.



If you want to find out more about St. Judes, click here to visit their web site.



6 responses

30 01 2011
True North Mark

Cool story there Brent and very well put together mate!

30 01 2011
Rob G

Good on you Gemma, and good on you, Brent!
In an increasingly greedy and capitalist, ‘globalised’ world, it’s a treat to see such kindness and caring!

31 01 2011
Andrew Brown

Awesome work Brent, and of course Gemma.

31 01 2011
Tim D

Oustanding Effort Brent. What a beautiful display of one amazing Lady.

4 02 2011
Michelle Playoust

My God Brent, I just watched your video from Tanzania and I am so moved, so impressed – what an extraordinary story. Gemma and the work she is doing sounds amazing -could this be the perfect charity? And you did a brilliant job capturing it! I know you mention their website in the video – but may I suggest you also put a direct link from your blog. Look fwd to hearing all about it!

well done you – absolutely fantastic!!

m :))))))

5 02 2011

Hey M.
Yup, Gemma is one impressive lady. The school is incredible. I belive it is excellent as a charity because every dollar goes directly to the kids.

I will add a link to their web site from the blog.


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