Big Shoot Tomorrow

9 04 2011

I’m excited about tomorrow.  I’ve got probably the biggest and most ambitious shoot that I have ever planned.  I’m shooting in a studio and I’ve rented a bunch of special lights for the shoot as well as smoke machine. I’ll be using mainly studio lights for this shoot and  if it comes off the way I hope it will, it will be a pretty creative and powerful set of rockstar portraits.


The Rockstar Moodboard for the shoot tomorrow

Stay tuned, I’ll do a series of postings on the shoot tomorrow including some behind-the-scenes video and post processing tutorials.

Have a good weekend everybody




7 responses

9 04 2011
Chris Belyea

Good luck – hope it goes well for you !

9 04 2011

Good luck with it Brent, should be heaps of fun.
I did some pics with my nephews band up at the Great Northern Hotel in Byron.
Just had my 50mm 1.6, shooting at ISO400, really enjoyed it and got some great images.

10 04 2011
Odille Esmonde-Morgan

Best of luck with it Brent, look forward to seeing the results

11 04 2011
True North Mark

Go get em son…if anyone can pull it can!

11 04 2011

Can’t wait to see the results ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

14 04 2011

You are the rockstar mate so I guess they will be self portraits!
Hope they are rock chicks! no sweaty long haired gits please!

14 04 2011

Hey Christian

Sorry to dissapoint, no rock chicks on this shoot. However we did get some great images of our rockstar…. I’m just editing up a video and a couple of tutorials then I’ll post everything up in a package.


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