Playing About With Macro

16 06 2011

We have had about a week of pretty constant rain here in Sydney, so that drove me into the bowels of my photographic cupboard to dust of my macro lens.  I haven’t shot any macro for ages, but was reading an interesting article in Better Photography about a new utility from the folks that make Helicon Focus (the focus stacking software).  The new utility is called Helicon Remote, and it is very cool.   Helicon Remote fully remote controls your camera and automatically performs all of the focus bracketing that you need to do to create macro images with large depth-of-field.  Its a wonderful piece of software.  You really need to click on these images to view them at full size to appreciate the detail in the images.

The images that you see posted in this post were typically stacks of about 20 separate images that have been combined to create the high dof images shown here.

To create these images I used a single off camera flash.  I used a straight reflector on the studio light to create the reasonably directional shadow.s

Once the images were merged in Helicon Focus, I then just processed them using Nik Silver Effex Pro 2.  I’ve printed a couple of these out large and they look pretty cool.

What started off as a wet weather experiment has turned out pretty well for a first set of macro images in several years.

the Helicon Focus sofware can be licensed for $50/year and includes the Helicon Remote utility.  You can find the Helicon software here.




7 responses

16 06 2011

I’m not really a fan of focus stacking but these are nice. What really makes them work is the light and the tone.

17 06 2011
True North Mark

Mate, you excell at what ever you do!

Seriously cool macros.

I must get a macro lense!

19 06 2011

This is perfect timing! I just bought a macro lens and always love reading your tips. Thanks!

24 06 2011

Brent I presume you used the camera tethered for this. This will be a must have program when it can be used with an iPad as using a laptop in the field is a real pain.

2 07 2011

#1 is the best.

The Oyster Mushroom has several focus fails as is often seen in stacking.

26 07 2011

thanks , it is very useful for me

29 07 2011

I love these shots, I think they are just awesome and it inspires me to try macro shots more. I love them.

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