Even Christian Could Nail Focus With this!

24 06 2011

Hey check this out… this is very interesting.  A camera that doesn’t rely on focus.  Doesn’t sound like a scam, sounds like the real deal.  If this is the case, it’s one of the biggest leaps forward in photography in a long time.






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24 06 2011

Yes, I saw this a couple of weeks ago. Truly revolutionary if it does what it seems to.

29 06 2011
True North Mark

Absolutely unbelievable Brent…I saw this come through when you posted it but forgot to click through till now…wow!

9 07 2011
ian ibrahim

I don’t know mate, to me it doesn’t seem real. If it is true then YOWZAH!

12 07 2011
Francis Keogh

OMG Brent!! Maybe this means images with an infinite depth of field could be produced from such a camera. Watch this space!

25 07 2011

this must be true as adobe have been working on this type of thing for the next version of photoshop.

26 07 2011

ya i also saw it , it is amazing ………

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