I’m Back!

12 10 2011

Hey for those of you that follow my blog,  I apologise for my absence.  I just looked and it has been about 3 months since I have posted.

I have had a bunch of crap going on at work.  The specifics aren’t important, but it’s amazing how distracting stuff like that can be.  I found it totally distracted me and zapped my creative energy big time.  I had no desire to do any Photoshop work, and I wasn’t using my camera anywhere nearly as much as I normally do.

But I’m back… and with a vengence.  I have worked on a few projects recently, and I’ll post on those in the next few days.  I’m also only 3 weeks away from what I think is going to be a photographic trip of a lifetime – Namibia!!!!  I’ll also tell you more about that in the coming days.   I’ve been using some great new plug-ins for Photoshop and generally starting to have a lot of fun again.

I’ve also got a couple of tutorials that I’m planning.

So again, for anyone that gives a toss…. sorry for my absence.




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12 10 2011
True North Mark

Your WA buddy give a toss for sure mate…welcome back big buddy!

You Namibia trip will be a great way to shift away those negative energies and replace with some very healing positive energies!

12 10 2011

I hear you about being absent.

I’ve more or less been absent for most of the year. 🙂

My output rate is way down on previous years. I took a different photographic direction this year, and have enjoyed what I’ve been shooting.

Quality is more important to me than quantity, and even with that in mind, there needs to be a balance with everything else going on in life.

I don’t and cannot try to force a shoot or an image if it’s not tapping me furiously on the shoulder.

When it does, I go where it leads me.

I’ll be interested to see what you’ve been doing.

PS: I noticed you’ve dropped your light painting workshop. That’s a shame.

See you ’round the traps.

12 10 2011

Good news . i like to keep up with your antics and photoshop findings, it’s all very interesting. i look forward to the posts.

12 10 2011
Mark Tierney

Yep I’m looking forward to your new tutorials etc too…!

13 10 2011
Flemming Bo Jensen

Hi Brent, giving a toss as well here 🙂 Namibia will be awesome no doubt, it will blow your mind and provide so many creative moments. Have a fantastic trip, look forward to seeing your images from Nam!

13 10 2011

Welcome back Brent! I’m going through a similar situation at the moment so I know exactly where you are coming from!

15 10 2011

You are our source of inspiration here, Brent! Welcome back! We absolutely love your work!

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