B&W Graphic Portrait Project

14 10 2011

Here’s a project that I have recently kicked off.  I want to put together a body of work of models shot in front of very graphical buildings or backgrounds.   All the work is black and white and have strong graphical elements in it.  Here’s a few shots that I did as a test/starter.

This image of Carly was shot in front of the cool chain-mail curtain hanging around the building on the corner of Bent St and O’Connell St in Sydney.  If you haven’t seen this chain mail, it’s pretty cool.

Same building as above, but just around the corner, I really loved the black and white contrast of the steps and column.  Both of these images printed up nicely in B&W.  I’m enjoying the challenge of “seeing in B&W” as I scout Sydney in with a whole new mission.  Both shots were taken with one light, an Einstein shooting into a Parabolic Light Modifier.

Today I went scouting and found a few more locations that have potential…. see what you think….

I saw this wall in a courtyard and loved the black and white graphic patterns…. There’s a ton of it lining the whole courtyard, so I figure I can play with big patterns (if the model is close to the wall), or small patterns if the wall is in the distance.

This second shot is of a huge sculpture outside another building.  What grabbed my attention was not only the textures on the steel sculpture, but also the way the light was beautifully graduated around the curved surface.  I’m thinking that could be a pretty cool abstract background.



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15 10 2011

Your B&W images are all stunning, Brent! Truly every artist eye have a way of seeing things. You have rendered it well!

15 10 2011

I look out my window, across Farrer Place, to that building every (week) day. At night the curtain is lit by coloured lights on the stairs, which would probably make for some interesting (colour) shots, and when it’s cold they have gas flame heaters going at the outdoor cafe at the top of the steps, which could also make an interesting (colour) background (although they might not think much of photographers shooting there when their customers are have a brew & get the local rent-a-cops to kick you off the premises).

Anyway, glad things are a little more under control at work (I’m assuming) and that you’re back doing what you love. Hope your planning for Namibia goes smoothly.

25 10 2011
John Campbell

Great B/W images. The buildings in city make some stunning photos.

Calvin says that Topaz Detail2 gives results like his Funky Details.
On Glyn Dewis Blog there are these Settings for Topaz Adjust, assume they came from Calvin as they are mates.
Small Detail 0.14
Small Boost 0.10
Medium Detail 0.11
Medium Boost 0.09
Large Detail 0.22
Large Boost 0.17


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