Photoshop Tutorial – Processing Death Valley

14 10 2011


I had a request for a tutorial on how I processed the image above.  So I have put together a short 4min tutorial on the processing of Death Valley Image.  Enjoy.







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15 10 2011

Thank you so much Brent for posting this tutorial! I started taking landscape photography for about a couple of months now and I am absolutely loving it! After I saw your blog post on your cousin’s environmental shot, I was like…, this is so cool!!! Incorporating environmental shots and portraiture is the way to go! Especially the way you treat is way dramatic and that makes it more engaging! Brent, do you have a certain way of treating your portrait shots? By the way your son’s photos you made a while back was nicely done! How could your wife resist that as your Christmas present! 🙂 I have a 3 year old son and I have tons of photos of him!

15 10 2011

Thanks Tony.

Yes, I have some specific techniques that I use for processing portraits, they are quite different from the landscape techniques, do a search on my blog, I’m sure I must have posted tutorials on my portraits. If not, drop me a line and I will post one.


15 10 2011
Mark Tierney

Thanks Brent – very informative as always 🙂


7 12 2011
photoshop tutorials

Good evening, I am sorry to let you torture.Did you know some cool place where I can learn few things about photoshop? Greetz

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