Kolmanskop – Disneyland for photographers

8 11 2011

My Namibian trip is going sensational so far…. Unbelievable landscapes.

Yesterday I spent hours photographing the ghost town of Kolmanskop.   I can only describe it as Disneyland for photographers if you like photographing old stuff, abstracts etc.   It is SO MUCH FUN.

Not much bandwidth, so I’m keeping my post brief.  Off to Wolverdans today for some big landscapes!!!

My bag with my light modifiers and light stand got lost on route, but luckily they have found it and I will be reunited soon.



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8 11 2011
True North Mark

What can I say mate…bastardo…mongrel…nah serious;y they look great and I am very green mate! Enjoy!

8 11 2011

Love the second one, not so keen on the first one. Remember to take some snaps of where you’re staying to share with your long lost family back home!!! xxx

10 11 2011

wow, what an amazing place. I so want to go there. Can you give details on how you organised the trip?

10 11 2011

Nice photographs. It sounds like a wonderful place to photograph. I’m looking forward to seeing more images you have made.

27 03 2012
alessandro ciapanna

namibia really is a photographer’s dream.

nice shots 🙂

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