Namibia – Portraits

25 11 2011

Note: Please click on theses images to view them full-size… they go a bit fuzzy when reduced down.

On my trip to Namibia there were three genres that I wanted to photograph;

  1. Ruinscapes (Kolmanskop etc.)
  2. Landscapes (Deadvlei, Wolverdens etc.)
  3. Portraits

I was particularly excited at the prospect of spending five days living with and photographing the Himba tribes of NorthWest Namibia.  While I had seen plenty of natural light photography, I really wanted to try to make different types of portraits of these photogenic people.

Inspired by the incredible personal work of Joey Lawrence, I packed my trusty Paul Buff Einstein light and my two favorite modifiers (Paul Buff 64″ Silver PLM and Westcott Apollo softbox) and decided to really try and make some stylistic environmental portraits using off camera flash techniques.

I had a ball making these images and I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out.  The beauty of the Einstein is that it throws out plenty of light and I can easily overpower the sun.  When I combine it with the ultra-efficient Parabolic Light Modifier (PLM), then I can easily get well over f64 of light out of the light setup which allows you to do some interesting environmental portraits during bright daylight.

Here's our rig in action. Jimmy (our translator) is holding the monopod.

Sometimes we used the sock over the PLM, and other times we shot with the straight silver bounce.   Most of the time we had our light on a light stand, but occasionally we put it on a monopod (as in the photo above).  While this is a 240v light, I use the Paul Buff mini vagabond to provide 240v on location… It’s incredibly small and light.

I also used my neutral density filter with some of the shots to open up my aperture and reduce the depth of field…. again to create more of a stylistic image.   I hope you enjoy the images.



8 responses

25 11 2011
True North Mark

Awesome shots Brent. That lighting kit you are using surely comes up with the goods! Very cool!

25 11 2011
Flemming Bo Jensen

Very well executed images Brent, it appears you must have had a fantastic trip. These are really stunning shots and carefully lit and composed. Himba girl and Himba youth possibly being my two favourites.

The himba’s are quite something aren’t they, I saw plenty in Swakopmund as well – and they have absolutely stunning looks, they are gorgeous people.

25 11 2011
Jonathan Hartland

Exquisite images Brent, fantastic work !

1 12 2011

Loving these images Brent…keep ’em coming!

2 12 2011
Andrew Brown

Great work Brent

26 12 2011
Olga & Peter Baldock

Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. Not only do I learn so much from you but I get get to see such wonderful places. Merry Christmas and a great photographic new year. Olga

2 01 2012
241Photography Blog

The quality of the images on this site is superb. I, for one, will keep coming back for updates. Thanks for sharing.

29 12 2012

Nothing better than adventure and good photography

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