Light Painting Utah – Video Number 2

26 07 2009

Hey there

This is the second in the series of 3 videos.  This video will show the images that I took lightpainting and the post processing techniques to create my Mystical Rock image.  I hope you enjoy.



Goblin State Park

5 07 2009

Goblins Everywhere

I’ve been looking forward to getting to Goblin for a while now.  I had seen a few pictures of these bizarre little goblin-like rock formations but nothing prepared me for the incredible panorama that I came across.  There are literally thousands of the little buggers all over the place.

I came to Goblin thinking that this was going to be a place to do close-up shots of the rocks but ended up doing panos and wider shots to try to capture the breadth of what I was experiencing.

The camp site in Goblin State Park is fantastic… hot showers, clean toilets,  unbelievably beautiful surroundings and heaps of room between sites.  It is probably the most beautiful and luxurious camp site I have stayed in…. Highly recommended…. shot some video to show you what it’s like… just need to edit it.

Off today to Devils Garden in Escalante and also Peekaboo slot canyon… then back to Moab to shoot Canyonlands – Island in the sky.

Oh… by the way… the images I am uploading are really just quick and dirty images that I am knocking out… I’ll redo them all properly when I’m back home and can work on calibrated monitor etc…