New Workshop – Off Camera Flash On Location

24 09 2010

Hi Folks

I’m very excited to announce a new workshop that I have been designing for the past month.  This is ideal for landscape/Seascape photographers who want to take their photography to the next level by including models/people in their “scapes”. The title of the workshop is called

I am confident that this is going to be the best workshop that I have designed and run yet…. It is going to be a blast with 4 separate shooting sessions featuring two models, a great makeup artist, and a very experienced second instructor.  You can check out all the details of this workshop by clicking on this link.

The first workshop for November 7th has already filled up and I’m currently planning a second workshop for later in November, so please email me if you would like to be part of the fun.


Bodyscapes – My Latest Project

2 04 2010

This is the first shot from my new project which I am calling “Bodyscapes”.  It is a studio black and white study of lighting, shapes and composition.  It is probably the most technically challenging project that I have undertaken for quite a few reasons:

  • Being black and white, the lighting is critical
  • I’ve never shot nude models before
  • Working with the dry ice fog has it’s own challenges
  • The composition can be challenging with this theme
  • The post processing requires totally different techniques

However I’m really enjoying the project and I have my next shoot already scheduled.

The Idea:

I’ve always been fascinated by the landscape shots I’ve seen that show mountains, bridges, buildings emerging from low lying fog.  In addition, I’ve also really admired some of the well done fine art black and white nudes that I have seen.  So this concept is about combining the two.  I wanted the fog to abstract the shapes from the background, and I also want to try to recreate some landscape-type shapes with the human form.  I’ve got another shot or two from the first shoot to process, and I also have a video that I will edit up over the next couple of days that shows the “making of”.  I’m sure you will find it entertaining.

This is a project that I should be able to get my teeth into.  I want to pursue this topic for several months trying to refine it every shoot.  I’ve already learned a heap of lessons from the first shoot that I will be applying to shoot number two.

I look forward to your comments and feedback