My Mission Australia Project To Help Youth Homelessness

25 10 2011

This is Maryanne.  At 18 she was kicked out of home and became homeless.  As Maryanne said, it’s actually very easy to become homeless and a hell of a lot more difficult to find a home.

I’ve always loved it when I can combine my love for photography with a philanthropic cause.  Earlier this year I went to Tanzania and made a video for St. Judes, the year before that I was in Uganda supporting an school for aids orphans.

I just finished a project with Mission Australia.  I photographed and made videos of four kids that either are still homeless or were homeless.  It was fascinating for me how different each of their stories were.  While some kids came from the stereotypical broken home,  others grew up in what you would call a totally normal family.

I enjoyed photographing the kids and trying to capture something of themselves in a dignified way.

I have made small vignettes of each of their stories.  If you are interested in understanding how kids can find themselves homeless, head over to my Vimeo site and check out the short videos.

This is Nate.  Nate’s parents were both heroin addicts and he was kicked out of home when he was 13.  He fell in with the wrong crowd and was led down a life of crime.  Nate was jailed at 17 for armed robbery.

After going through rehab, he started Mission Australia’s Creative Youth Initiative where they teach disadvantaged kids art and music.

This course turned Nate’s life around and since then he’s been going to TAFE and has almost completed his Diploma in Music Production.

I really enjoyed meeting all of the students.  I hope my photography and video editing help Mission Australia raise funds to help Australia’s young homeless problem.



Can You Help?

6 09 2010

Hi Everyone

I’ve been publishing lots of tutorials and videos sharing my photographic knowledge for free.  I hope that many of you have picked up some useful tips and tricks.  I hope that now I can parlay some of that goodwill into a fantastic cause.

I’m currently raising money for World Homeless Day which is on 10/10/10.  Our company is organising a huge fund raising event in conjunction with Mission Australia to raise funds for the homeless.  Over 100,000 people are homeless, and almost half of these are under 25 years old.

So how can you help?  Two ways….

1) I’d really love to for as many of you as possible to come and sleep out in Centennial Park with me.  We are hoping there will be over 1,000 people sleeping out in the park.  There are going to be buskers, and people everywhere… could be some great photo opportunities for some night photography. For those of you that want to come and join me, I’ll run an informal night photography and light painting workshop for free.  You can sleep out in tents etc.  you don’t need to sleep on cardboard box.

2) If you can’t make the sleepout, then perhaps you can click this button to make a small donation.

Any amount that you can donate will help me reach the target.  All funds raised go to Mission Australia to help the homeless.

This is a really worthwhile cause,  I hope that you can help out.

If you are planning to come along, please register at this link and then post a comment below in my blog.