Rockstar Shoot – Behind the scenes video

24 04 2011

This is my final post regarding the Rockstar shoot that I did a couple of weeks ago.  Boy it was a hoot, it is one of those shoots that keeps on giving… every time I go back to my RAW files, I find more images I want to process up (like the one at the top of this post)..

I have edited up a behind-the-scenes video that was taken by our trusty assistant Andrew Tiddy on the day (thanks Andrew, great job).

You can either watch it in-line here or if you want to really appreciate it, click on the vimeo logo in the bottom right and watch it in High Definition on the Vimeo site.

Music: Mediate by INXS

Big Shoot Tomorrow

9 04 2011

I’m excited about tomorrow.  I’ve got probably the biggest and most ambitious shoot that I have ever planned.  I’m shooting in a studio and I’ve rented a bunch of special lights for the shoot as well as smoke machine. I’ll be using mainly studio lights for this shoot and  if it comes off the way I hope it will, it will be a pretty creative and powerful set of rockstar portraits.


The Rockstar Moodboard for the shoot tomorrow

Stay tuned, I’ll do a series of postings on the shoot tomorrow including some behind-the-scenes video and post processing tutorials.

Have a good weekend everybody