First Shoot With the Lumodi Beauty Dish

13 12 2010

Well last night one of my photo buddies (Gavin) and I had a fun afternoon shoot. Two models has asked us to do some studio shots of them for their portf0lio.  So Gavin and I arranged to set up two different shooting stations in my mum’s ballet studio (nice and handy having access to a ballet studio).  We shot for several hours using different lighting configurations…. umbrellas, beauty dishes and Gavin’s Octa.  It was a very relaxed and enjoyable shoot.  The girls were having fun, and Gavin and I were as happy as pigs in shit.

Shot above was my first real shoot using my new Lumodi Beauty Dish.  For close-up work I really love it.  Gorgeous light quality!

Lighting info:

  • SB900 into Lomodi Beauty dish above camera
  • Silver reflector below camera
  • Gridded sofbox with Yugoebay cheap shit strobe for backlight
  • SB600 through grid on grey background paper for halo effect.

Anyway, the quote of the night came from Gavin.  He arrived about 2 hours after me, and set up his lights and background.  Then Brittany went over to shoot with him and faster than you can say “let me get an exposure reading”  Gavin had Brittany topless…. but then the classic quote came shortly afterwards…. “Don’t worry if your nipples are exposed… I can always fix that in Photoshop”!

Ah…. Photoshop…. where would we be without it 🙂

Lots more shots to process, plus some shots from my Dancer shoot on Tuesday night.