I don’t normally do weddings… but…

10 01 2011

Now I have got the greatest respect for good wedding photographers.   I reckon they earn every dollar they get paid.  They are very talented to produce wonderful artistic images under extremely tough conditions such as emotional brides, nervous grooms,  super-tight schedules,  people everywhere etc. etc.

The Groom and his best man

I don’t do weddings… almost.  I’ve now shot two in my life.  The first was for my sister Nicole about a year ago, and the second

one was for Rev Meier and his fiancee Maria.  I photographed Rev about six months ago , and when I had the opportunity of shooting this wedding together with Chris Belyea and Gavin Marchiano, I figured that this wedding was not going to be your typical wedding.

Rev and Maria are both tattoo artists, and so are most of their friends.  They had their ceremony in the Chinese gardens, and their reception in the skeleton room of the Australian Museum.   Very cool setting for some unusual pictures.

Overall I was pretty happy with my pictures,  I used an Alienbee 1600 shooting into a 64″ PLM in order to spray some light at the bride and groom during the ceremony… they were in the shade against a full sun background which made things tricky.

For the formal shots in the Dinosaur room, I set up my SB900 into the 64″ PLM with a diffuser over it high to camera left, and had a gridded AlienBee blasting some light up on the skeletons in the background.

All in all it was a tiring but fun day…. however I won’t be getting into the wedding photography business anytime soon. Thats for sure.  I’ll leave it to the pros.