Just Posted Another New Blog Post On My Live Site

24 01 2012

If you are reading this, you are on my OLD blog site.
I just posted a new posting on Inspirational Light Painters and Night Photographers.
Head over to brentpearson.com.au to read all my new blog postings.

My List Of Most Inspiring Landscape Photographers

23 01 2012

My blog has moved.

I just did a new posting on my new blog site. You can see it at http://brentpearson.com.au

Don’t look at this site any more!!!!!

It’s dead!!!

My Blog Has Moved!

18 01 2012

Hi Folks

I’m pleased to announce that my blog has moved.  I have finally built a “proper” web site which is much more organised and will give other photographers better access to resources that they might find useful.

So this blog site will no longer be updated!

Here’s some of the features of the new site.


I have already started posting new blog postings and tutorials on my new site, so please adjust any bookmarks that you have.

Click here to head over to my new website  http://brentpearson.com.au

I hope to see you there.  I look foward to hearing what you think.