Presentation At St George on 2nd December

24 11 2010

If anybody is in the area of bored out of their brain next Thursday night,  I’m delivering a presentation at St. George Camera Club @ 8PM.  I’ve been working on what I hope will be a cracker of a presentation.   In a nutshell I’m going to demo more than 20 of my best tips and tricks.  I’m grouping them into basic intermediate and advanced stuff, and I’m going to cycle through them demoing a basic tip, then an intermediate trip, then an advanced tip… then back to the beginning again.  I’m going to be going hard for a about 2 hours (or until I go through all of the topics.).

I’ve been racking my brain to try and get all of my very best little tips and tricks organised into one killer presentation.

I’m calling the presentation “Brain Squeeze”!

So, if you are in the neighborhood, drop in to St. George Leagues Club and say hi. I’m sure they will welcome visitors.



Ran The Second Off Camera Flash Workshop..

23 11 2010

Last Sunday Scott Buchannan and I ran the second off camera flash workshop.  It was a real hoot.  A great bunch of folks to spend a day with.  The images are just starting to come through from the participants and there are some lovely images.  I thought I’d share one image from me and one image from Scott.  This will give you a bit of a sense for the workshop.

This is my shot of of Zumbi, our male model for the day.  Man was this guy ripped.  He reminded me of me in my younger days (in my dreams).   Anyway after a few straight forward one-light setups, we then hit the Dunlop Factory and created more of a fantasy scene with Zumbi and April.  This next shot is one that Scott snapped right at the end.  Gives you a bit of a feel for the day.

Photo By Scott Buchannan

I’ll probably run another workshop in Q1 next year if there is enough interest, but for now, I’m taking a break for a month or two and just going to get out and enjoy my photography.  I’ve got a couple of great shoots organised for the next few weeks, and  a few ideas for some great tutorials for the blog.




Sick with a mancold – Another Tutorial

17 11 2010

OK, I’m home sick today with a man cold.  I still don’t know why women don’t fully understand the seriousness of man colds!!! I’m not getting any sympathy.  Anyway, with some spare time on my hands I thought I’d do another tutorial.  I processed the above image yesterday.  The reason that I am doing a tutorial on it is because I had to use a number of methods to get the detail and drama into the water.  You can see from the original file (bottom) there wasn’t much detail in the highlights,  I had to coax the detail out in post processing.

I hope you enjoy it.


Photoshop Tutorial – Post Processing Jackel

14 11 2010

The image above shows you the before (bottom) and after (top) of my shot with Jackel.  I thought I would go ahead and publish a tutorial showing you the various steps that I went through to transform the image.  I make this point in the video, but it’s worth emphasising.  I’m finding that my Photoshop techniques are changing.  I’m adding more layers, but being more subtle about the effect of each layer…. so I’m making more smaller steps rather than fewer big adjustments.  I think it definitely pays dividends in terms of the subtelty of the finished image.  I hope you find this tutorial useful.