Seascape Workshop


Next workshop scheduled for February 11th and 12th 2012.

I’ve had a number of photographers enquire about some instruction on how I capture and post produce seascape images.  While I have done the odd private lesson here and there, I’ve decided to offer a more structured workshop for anybody that is interested.  So if you are interested in taking your seascapes to the next level, this will give you an intense 1 day workshop that will cover equipment, the capture and the entire workflow process in great detail.

Workshop Schedule

Optional Beginners Session: Photography 101 Saturday from 1PM – 2PM

This is a new session that I have put on specifically aimed at beginners.  The old hands don’t need to attend this hour of the course, it will focus on a lot of the photographic essentials such as:

  • Exposure: How aperture, ISO and shutterspeed work in combination
  • Depth of field: What impacts it and how to control it
  • Understanding Lens Focal length: How different focal lengths impact your composition etc.

Session 1: Theory Saturday from 2:30pm – 6:00pm

In this first session we’ll lay the foundations for the course including reviewing course notes, and running through equipment preparation for the first practical shoot. I will show you the techniques I use to capture my seascape images in a special way based on how I process them later on. In addition we will cover:

  • Equipment for seascape photography (filters, cable releases, misc gear)
  • Researching and scouting your sites (Research tools, tides, swell, sun/moon etc.)
  • Preparing your camera settings (aperture, shutter, ISO, focus, lens)
  • Seascape photography methods including
    • Bracketing
    • Tricks to capturing water
    • Shooting to blend
    • Composition
    • Visualising your image while shooting
    • How and when to use different filters
    • Shutter blending
  • Shooting Panoramas

Session 2 Dusk shoot Saturday from 6:30pm – 8:30pm

This second session will be on location at one of the gorgeous beaches around Sydney (location will be chosen based on weather and surf conditions). We will all go out and shoot a dusk scene as the light fades.

Session 3: Sunrise Shoot Sunday from 5:00am – 6:30am

A bright and early start for day 2. We will meet at another of Sydney’s stunning beaches and put the theory into practice a second time shooting a sunrise. You will get to apply all of your learning in the field in a group workshop environment

Session 4: Seascape workflow Sunday from 7:00am – 1:30pm

After capturing the sunrise, we will have a lovely cooked breakfast in an outdoor cafe and move into the post processing hands-on sessions where you will process a couple of your shots from the two practical sessions.  You will be split into pairs and each pair will have their own computer to work with.   I will teach you all aspects of my post-processing workflow including:

  • File management
  • Image review and prioritisation
  • Colour management
  • Optimising your RAW conversion
  • Photoshop workflow
    • Preparing your image
    • Working with layers and masks
    • Blending image
    • Stitching Panoramas
    • Colour balancing images
    • Global adjustments
    • Some recommended plug-ins for Photoshop
    • Local adjustments
    • Cool seascape techniques for optimising your images
    • Preparing for output
  • Printing, Matting & Presentation

To book your place please send an email to


When I came across Brent’s blog I was amazed by the stunning images and his generosity in passing on his techniques for everyone to share. I had to contact Brent and thank him for the inspiration he gave me to move forward in my photography. After a one-on-one lesson with Brent my photography has progressed in leaps and bounds.
For me the best money I have spent.
This guy is the real deal and up there with the best!!

Colin Bates


34 responses

29 04 2009
30 04 2009

Absolutely fantastic idea.

Funnily enough, I had been recently thinking of asking if you’d be keen to meet up for a Photoshop session, but didn’t get ’round to it.

Then this came up.

Looking very much forward to it.


1 05 2009

Hi Brent

I am super keen to join this , but would hate to slow your group down, I cant say I am a beginner ,but probably not as experienced as others that are following your work. If you feel that I could still take alot away without disrupting your flow let me know and I will sign up asap.


6 05 2009
Michael Hing

Hi Brent
yes I would love to come on your workshop, However I am not very experienced with photoshop so would that be a problem.If not sign me up
Michael Hing
0415 608 498

30 05 2009

hey brent would love to be part of the july workshop if thats cool definitely need some PS training like i was saying i have no work flow at all.

3 06 2009

you see mate .. i am getting better .. i have even worked out how to submit comments on your blog .. the learning never stops 😉

6 06 2009

Not long now!!!! bring it on! 😀

9 08 2009

How about organising a workshop in Melbourne? Surely there are many serious photographers south of the border?

9 08 2009

Hey Alan

I’ll put your name on my “expressions of interest” list and if I get a few more photogs from Melbourne interested I’ll come down and run a workshop there. So if you know anyone else that may be interested…. tell them to send me an email expressing interest.

Thanks for your comment

9 08 2009
14 11 2009
Dale Irving

Could you please pencil me in for the upcoming seascape course that you are planning for January 2010 and let me know which weekend that you choose. Hopefully it will suit as I am tied up with our camera club on the saturday the 23rd. Thankyou


31 01 2010

I live in Melbourne

I would be interested in a workshop that meets my learning needs

1 02 2010

Hey Sue

Unfortunately I’m only running these in Sydney right now, have you checked out any of the local courses that are run (like Tom Putt’s)?


6 02 2010
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31 05 2010
Keith Friend

Hi, Brent.

Just placing a note here to thank you for a great seascape workshop on the 29th and 30th May 2010..
The lessons were extremely well presented, great notes and supporting videos for us dummies, an awesome place to shoot and a group of passionate photographers..

what more could we ask for… well we got some rainy/moody sunset times and an awesome cloudy/colourful sunrise. Plenty of material to try out those Photoshop techniques.

31 05 2010

Hey Keith

Thanks for your kind note. I enjoyed the workshop. We lucked out with the weather.

It was a good group of photographers. Glad you enjoyed it.


19 06 2010

Hi there
can you please let me know when you hold your next course


25 06 2010
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29 08 2010

This looks like a fab couple of days, please let me know if/when you organise the Oct session.

31 08 2010

Hi Mike

I’ve added you to my list, you’ll be notified when I have set a date.


14 12 2010
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1 02 2011
Victor Carey

Hi Brent. I’d be very interested in the February seascape workshop. Is it still going ahead and if so, is there room for me? Thanks. Victor

27 03 2011

Hi Brent,
I was just wondering when your planning your next seascape or off camera flash workshop as i’m very interested to attend.

Many Thanks

30 03 2011

Hi Brent

I’m looking for an image to put up on my wall at home. your photos are beautiful.

Do you sell any of your images in hi res digital format… I did read in your blog that this is a hobby of yours, but wondered if you sold anything all the same.


9 05 2011
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24 05 2011

Hi Brent. I’d be very interested in the June seascape workshop. Is it still going ahead and if so, is there room for me? Thanks

11 07 2011
John Armytage

Hi Brent..
I would like to book in for the Aug 2011 workshop if room.
John Armytage..

12 07 2011

Hi John

Your spot is confirmed.

I look forward to meeting you.

You will receive another email from me in a couple of weeks with all of the logistics information in it (what to bring, what to wear etc.)

It will also have details on how to pay a deposit to secure your spot.



12 07 2011
James Breeze

Hi Brent,
I’ve love to come in Aug too! Please book me a spot.

19 08 2011
Stevie B Williams

I would be interested very much so in anything to do with night photography!

30 08 2011
Catherine Anderson (@SparkySparkler)

Hi Brent
We’re in Curl Curl and interested in coming along to your next workshop (James Breeze recommends you highly!). When/where is it and can we reserve a spot (or 2 – can we come as a couple with one camera?)
Kind regards

29 10 2011
Jacqui Roberts

Hi Brent,

Looking forward to this. Please secure my place.

Cheers Jacqui

15 11 2011
Rachelle Lauro

How do we sign up?


13 12 2011
James McGregor

Hey mate very interested in this seascape workshop down in Sydney… is it on the saturday and sunday (i think that’s the 11th/12th of feb) ??? If so I can definitely make it and am very very keen to be a part of this… please get back to me asap if there are any spots left. Thanks mate.

0421 542 730

James McGregor

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