Interested in a Night Photography Workshop?

9 08 2009

Hey folks

I was thinking about developing an intensive workshop for night photography similar to my seascape workshop.  I would love to guage interest out there and get your feedback.  For those of you that haven’t checked out the seascape workshop here’s what I go through

  • 2 hours of theory on “the capture” and equipment, research etc.
  • Then we do two shoots, sunset and sunrise
  • Last session is about 6 hours of intensive post processing workflows.

materialsTo support this I have developed an extremely comprehensive set of materials which include an A3 laminated workflow chart that guides the participants through each element of the workflow and printed guides that show detailed step-by-step instructions for every workflow element.  There is also a set of 27 screencam videos that show me performing the steps on screen with a voice over explaining every step.

So, I was thinking about a night photography workshop that went combined the following:

  1. Straight night photography
  2. Star trails
  3. Landscape Light painting

Into a weekend workshop that covered the capture and post processing of night photography images.

What do you think?  Who would be interested in attending this workshop?


PS> The next Seascape Workshop is Sept 19th & 20th 2009.  Click here if you would like more information about the workshop.




5 responses

9 08 2009


I’d sign up for this.


9 08 2009

So would I as I am such a novice at this type of photography, but have a feeling you will have done several courses before I can get back to Sydney to attend a workshop of yours … Judging by the printed material I saw, it is very comprehensive …

10 08 2009

Yes, I would be very interested in coming along.

14 08 2009

Brent love the video and the blog; am interested in your workflow techniques and unfortunately unavailable to attend any of your workshops as you are over the other side of the world! Are any of these available in printed format? Also am happy to trade links if that is of interest as I admire your work and think you may find my own of interest, light-painting UK style 😉

All the best


27 10 2010
photography tour

Hi, we are organizing a photography workshop in India and Nepal lead by french photographer. Please have a look at and post ur comments

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