First Blood – Karijini Trip

26 03 2010

Captain Stothard at the helm with First Mate Hewitt and Cabin Boy Fletcher

Well it is only about 3 weeks until a group of us go on an incredible photographic adventure.  I’m attending a workshop that is run by Christian Fletcher, Tony Hewitt, and Peter Eastway.  There are about 16 of us heading up to Karijini National Park in the Pilbara.

Christian with the new love of his life.

Anyway last night I was in Perth so I put out the call to see if anyone wanted to meet up.  Mark Stothard kindly offered up his 43 ft cruiser (I was a bit miffed that he didn’t order True North back to base for the drink session 😉  and a group of us went cruising up the Swan river and basically talked crap and started the jibs and jokes that will surely come when we are all up in Karijini.

Christian was putting his new Phase One through it’s paces (I think it costs more than my house… definitely more than my car).  Anyway it was a very enjoyable night.  Anybody that wants to see a few snaps of last night can view them here.



Photoshop Upgrade – This is AMAZING!!!

25 03 2010

I came across an incredible video demonstration of a new Adobe Photoshop feature called “Content Aware Fill”.

In the words of my kids… “This is Sick”.

You have to go check out the demo!!!

If this is in CS5… I’m upgrading straight away for this feature alone.


I haven’t dissappeared…

12 03 2010

A few people have said to me “Hey whats up… why are you so quiet lately”?

I’m working hard on a new photographic project…. something VERY different for me… in the realm of a fine art study.   It is probably the most technically challenging project that I have undertaken to date and it is requiring quite a bit of research and experimentation.  I have booked the shoot for 29th March, so assuming it all works I’ll share the images and techniques with you all then.