Off Camera Flash Workshop

Bringing Models Into Your Landscapes

Using Off Camera Flash On Location

Next Workshop is February 5th in Sydney.

I’m very excited to announce this new workshop, I’ve been talking to a lot of photographers recently about this workshop and from what I hear there is a lot of interest in this topic.  I think this workshop is going to be an absolute blast.  Lately I have been evolving my photography from a pure landscape/seascape photographer to include people in my images.  I have really enjoyed the fun and the extra dimension that working with models can add to your landscape/seascape/urbanscape photography, so I’m going to share everything I’ve learned in this 1 day intensive workshop.

This will be a full day workshop, by the end of the day you’ll be exhausted, but hopefully you will be well on your way to enjoying the artistic creativity of off camera flash lighting on location.  And you should have some pretty good shots to boot.

Here’s more information about this workshop.

  • I have secured an excellent and highly experienced strobist photographer to instruct alongside me.
  • I have secured an awesome makeup artist called Glitta Supernova (she totally rocks).
  • We will have two models with us for the day, and they will each be in two outfits/scenes,  so that means you’ll be shooting 4 separate setups during the day.
  • We will be holding the theory section at the gorgeous facilities of Sun Studios in Alexandria and then spending the rest of the day shooting out on location in the abandoned Dunlop Factory (this is an incredible location with so many possibilities).

This is what the day is looking like (it might change slightly as I finalise the syllabus/workshop materials).

Draft Workshop Agenda

  • 8:30am  – Arrive at Sun Studios:– Grab a coffee, socialise, talk crap with your fellow photographers
  • 9:00am – Theory session 1: We’ll go over all the theory including equipment, settings, flash metering, understanding max synch speeds, balancing flash with ambient, triggering etc.
  • 10:30 – Coffee Break
  • 10:45 – Theory session 2: We are going to look at light modifiers and demonstrate the differences between brollys, softboxes, beauty dishes etc.
  • 11:45 – Travel to location and early lunch
  • 12:30 – Location Shoot 1: We’ll be splitting into two groups of 7 and doing our first lighting setups.  You’ll all get a chance to direct the model and shoot.
  • 1:30 – Location Shoot 2: The groups will swap instructors/models and setup and shoot a second scene.
  • 2:30 – Coffee Break and Move to New Scenes
  • 3:00 – Location Shoot 3: Similar to the morning sessions, but more complex lighting setups (hint: could be a smoke machine involved)
  • 4:00 – Location shoot 4: We’ll swap models and instructors again so that you can shoot your fourth lighting setup of the day
  • 5:00 – Wrap and Beer : Talk about the highlights and lowlights of the day and do a bit of decompressing.

I don’t know about you guys, but I reckon this sounds like one great way to spend a day!  As per my other workshops, I’m going to be preparing top quality workshop materials for you to take away, and I’m also going to try to negotiate some discounts at the equipment providers for participants.  For those of you that have attended my seascape workshop, you know that my goal is to make my workshops the “best you’ve ever been on”.   I have a feeling that this one is going to be a cracker!!!

This workshop is going to be capped at 14 participants only so that each group has 7 participants to an instructor, so it will be first come best dressed.  If you would like to reserve a place,  please drop me a note at The cost for this workshop will be $395 which includes lunch.


36 responses

23 09 2010

Hey B.

I’m definitely interested. Count me in.

23 09 2010
Scott Westlake

Count me in

23 09 2010

Hi Brent

Sounds fantastic, add me to the list

23 09 2010
Nathan Everett

Hi Brent,

Sounds pretty good to me, add my name to the list!

24 09 2010
Hugh Halliwell

Hi Brent,

I’d be interested in doing the workshop, so add me to the list!

24 09 2010
Keith Friend

Wowsers… this would be a great opportunity to learn some new techniques…
Count me in as well…

Your last shots from the Dunlop factory are inspiring..

24 09 2010
24 09 2010
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28 09 2010
Kerry Boytell

Hi Brent,

Please add me to the 2nd workshop.



PS Going to shoot Mono lake in 2 weeks. Have the battery, holder, waist belt, but not the light yet. What light should I get? Have not yet been able to empty the olive oil container. Is there an alternative? Some guys that shot mono at night said there were coytees — did they bother you?

2 10 2010

Looke great. How do I sign up?

3 10 2010

Hey.. this looks good.. Im interested in the second workshop – considering that the first one is booked out!

5 10 2010

Hi Richard
I have added your name to the list for the second workshop on 21st November.


5 10 2010

Hi Rob
I have added your name to the list for the second workshop on 21st November. You’ll receive an email with more information from me shortly.


21 10 2010
True North Mark

I want a private session in Perth big fella! 🙂

22 10 2010
jakob de zwart

hi Brent,

After the Second November Session on the 21st, when are you likely to do another Sydney workshop?



23 10 2010

Hi Jakob

I am more than likely going to run another one of these workshops next year (either Jan or Feb).

Would you like me to put your name on a list to be notified?


30 10 2010
Andrew Nock


I am very interested to be a part of this workshop,

I am currently with an agency but would love to add an alternative/grunge look to my book. I have a lot of experience, and will be excited to work with the different photographers to get some different looks.

Andrew Nock

10 11 2010
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16 11 2010
bondari silviu

i wait for a workshop in europe,maybe france 🙂

3 12 2010
Karen Scrimes

Hi Brent,

I would love to take part in the Feb 2011 workshop. How do I contact you re details?

Karen 🙂

30 12 2010
don Smallwood

interested in the feb workshop. What email to send to?


31 12 2010

Hey Don
Drop me a note at and let me know which workshop you are interested in (seascape or Off camera flash)


24 01 2011

Any chance of a workshop in Melbourne any time soon??

25 01 2011

Hey Barrie

Actually I’m planning my first interstate workshop right now (Perth), If I think there is enough interest in Melbourne I would sure consider holding one there.


24 03 2011
Tim McCullough

Hi Brent,

Just checking if there are any places left on your ‘Off-Camera Flash’ workshop on the 15th May?

I’m definitely interested.

Kind Regards,

Tim McCullough

27 03 2011
Mark Lane

Keen on a Melbourne workshop…or maybe I will have to fly to Sydney. Spots left?

16 04 2011
21 04 2011
27 04 2011
Aubrey Licht


0412 402130

14 05 2011
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17 06 2011

When is the next one for Sydney

22 07 2011
Dave Holdham

Nothing like that here, bring it to the uk guys, sounds awsome!

26 07 2011

Hi Brent,
Book me in for November workshop, please!!


20 08 2011
Nic Wells

Sounds amazing but out of my price range! Maybe one day 🙂

9 09 2011
Nadine Cooper

Hi Brent,
Can you add me to this list from your workshop on 18 Setember?
I missed your last seascape one but would love to catch this one.

17 11 2011

Hi Brent
When is your another workshop on Off Camera flash happening in Sydney? Got any dates/locations finalised?

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