Announcing the Light Painting Workshop

20 10 2009

Hi folks

I’m very excited to announce the first light painting workshop.  I’ve had quite a few people request this workshop and I’ve spent several months designing the content and thinking through how it will run in order for it to be:

  1. Very informative in terms of theory, capture, equipment and post processing
  2. Very creative in terms of  locations and lights
  3. Very collaborative in the way it is structured
  4. Quite social (by combining dinner, a few beverages etc.)
  5. A heck of a lot of fun!!!

The spaces will be strictly limited, so put your name down early in order to ensure a spot (I’ve already had people reserve spots before I announced the workshop).

For all the information and details, click here to visit the Light Painting Workshop information page



Urban Light Painting Fun

11 10 2009

Spider on the track

Well last night Gavin (aka Tripod) and I joined the Cave Clan for a really enjoyable evening of photography in strange locations.  Unfortunately due to the rain we had to abort shooting in the old drain, however we then went and photographed in an old train tunnel which was a lot of fun.  It is simply wonderful getting creative with this lot.  This shot is a picture of Spider standing on the rail lines.  Don’t worry, this a rarely used spur of the rail line where they park trains during the day, so there wasn’t much chance of a train interrupting our fun.  There is so much creativity that you can bring to this type of photography regarding light sources that it is so much fun when you go out as a group to do this type of photography.  Everbody brings the most bizzare “light sources” and it’s fun mixing them together to create some funky compositions.

In my backpack I had my trusty 12 volt alarm battery, 240volt inverter, high powered fluoro light, cold cathode lights, electro luminesent wire, multicoloured LED torches, steel wool, LED light nets, and more!!!!

blue silouette

After the train tunnel we went out to Middle Head fort for a really fun evening of light painting in the abandoned structure.  I could spend weeks photographing here.  This is going to be the location for my forthcoming night photography workshop.  I’m just finalising some of the logistical / bureaucratic details.  Stay tuned.


Slow Down and Smell the Sea Spray…

7 10 2009


Some times photography can be about rushing around to get the light before it fades, and sometimes when you are in a wonderful location you are running around like a blue-arsed fly to get the perfect shots.  Over the past year I have deliberately slowed down my shooting, and often I am happy getting one or two compositions.  Now that I’m not running around so much I have much more time to really admire my surroundings and really absorb the beauty of whats around me.  And you know what… I think this helps with my post production as I find myself with a better mental picture of what I liked about the location… This is what I try to reproduce in my images.

OK.. Deep thought over.


Cool Resource for Nikon/Mac users

1 10 2009

Hey Folks

I am doing some research / prep work for an upcoming Night Photography workshop that I am planning to run.  I’m designing a very cool workshop that I think is going to be a lot of fun and during the workshop I have determined that I want to shoot tethered so that all the workshop participants can essentially view the shots being made instantly on a large monitor.   After a bit of research I came across a fantastic bit of software that allows Mac Users to fully control their camera from their Mac and see high resolution images on the Mac the second after you take the shot.  This is exactly what I want for my workshop.  The best thing about this is that the software is FREE!!!!

Yup, you heard it right.  Even though it’s free, if the sofware checks out OK I am going to make a donation to the college kid that wrote it via Paypal.

To find out more about this software click here.