Light Painting An Old fort

12 02 2009

On Sunday night Kajo, Michelle, Gavin and I took advantage of the full moon and gorgeous Summer evening to head out to Middle Head Fort to do a bit of light painting.

It was a fun night, some of the others hadn’t done any light painting before, so we kind of hung out as a group and mainly used my light to paint up a few different structures. It was interesting to see the different interpretation by the others of the same subject.

The Old Bunker
This old part of the fort was an interesting one for light painting because of all the angles and also the fact that it was raised up against the sky (most of the rest of the fort is recessed). I loved the steps leading up to the structure and when you lit these up from a low angle the light cast some cool shadows on the stairs.

So we all set up next to eachother and exposed our base image and then we started painting.

  • First we lit the stairs up from the bottom left
  • Then we lit the building from the top left
  • Then we shined the light out from inside
  • Then we fired some flashes with pink gel over them
  • Finally we painted the roof overhang with a surefire torch.

This was my first “building” that I have painted….. I think I’m going to do some more.



Night Photography & Light Painting Presentation

6 02 2009

Last night I gave a presentation on night photography and light painting to a bunch of folk from some of the North Shore camera clubs. I certainly enjoyed the evening and there seemed to be a lot of photographers very interested to learn more about nocturnal photography.

For those that attended last night, thanks for giving up your Friday night, I hope you found it of value. Here’s some links to some of the resources I mentioned in my talk last night.

My primer on night photography

My primer on Light Painting

Light Painting Forresters Rocks

Calculating night exposures

In fact I suggest you read all of the posts that I did in Feb 08, they document my experiments, journey and research into night photography… there are some useful tidbits there (like how to identify the South Celestial pole if you are doing startrails etc.)

Other resources I referred to;

Toby Kellers Burnblue site (fantastic light painting where you see the light source)

Tim Simmons site (Tim inspired me to develop the light tools that I now use)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the evening, I look forward to seeing you out on a rocky outcrop one night 😉

Good luck, have fun… and don’t forget the wine and cheese!