The Making Of Nightmare (part 1 of 2)

21 11 2009

It’s been a while since I have posted a video, so I thought I would give you a double-header.  This is the first of two videos that show how I made an image called Nightmare.  This video is part 1 which takes you behind the scenes when we did the shoot.  It was a lot of fun, there was a group of about 8 of us and I think everyone really enjoyed the location and the shoot.  When you are shooting with a good group it really makes photography fun.  We were also lucky enough to have a gorgeous and talented model (thank you Mandy) who modeled for us.

This shot is something different for me in a few different ways.

  1. It combines off-camera flash with light painting.  I don’t normally do much off-camera flash, but I’m keen to start doing more after Oat and Nelson’s wonderful off-camera flash workshop.
  2. It is a shot of a person… I normally have a bit of a mantra of not shooting anything that talks or shits.  Hence the fascination with seascapes, landscapes and urban shots.  In this case I do feature the beautiful Mandy.
  3. This shot was totally pre-visualised for about 3 months, and I have set out to create it.  I planned everything about the shot from the pools of light to the type of clothes that Mandy had on.  I wanted to see if I had the technique to accurately re-create my vision…. and I have to say I was very happy with the results.

What is this shot about?

Nightmare is about a chick who has been out for a wild night of partying finding herself in the wee hours of the morning in one god-awful freaky place.  Her clothes are in disarray, her makup is smudged over face and I wanted to create a response in the viewer of “what the hell happened to her…. what is she doing in this freaky place”?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video…. I will try to post part II tomorrow which will show the post processing including some pretty cool techniques.

This video was produced in High Definition, so I’m not going to embed it inline with the blog but send you over to Vimeo where you can enjoy it in all it’s HD splendor.




19 responses

21 11 2009

Great location!
Love the concept and fantastic execution.
Suprise with the numbers of cameras there… reminds me of the Matrix!

21 11 2009

Hey Brent,

This is fantastic. I absolutely love this photo. I really like the concept of mixing model shooting with “landscape” / light painting.

Thanks for sharing the experience.


21 11 2009

Hey Brent, great video except for that strange dude doing the Blair Witch stuff ha ha.

21 11 2009

Haha, Gavin.
Again, great video. Thanks for sharing it with the world (I will give it a plug on my blog too!)

22 11 2009
Graham Leggate

Fantastic photo Brent. Excellent video, looking forward to part 2. The location looks like a real gold mine for some creative fun.

22 11 2009
Michael Sharman

Thanks for taking the time to do this Brent, it’s always interesting to see things are done. Really looking forward to part 2.

22 11 2009
Nightmare | Quoos sein Blog

[…] you would like to see how this shot was done, then visit this blog post to see the video of the shoot. Share and […]

25 11 2009
Rob vE

Thanks for sharing. Great location, great image.

26 11 2009
Matt Lauder

Looks great Brent. I could almost picture a dark figure in the background door way.

27 11 2009


12 12 2009

great sfuff Brent. Please show it at the club.

22 12 2009
Lee Duguid

An amazing shot Brent, great composition. The warmer light on the graffiti really makes it pop! Keep up the great work and the informative tutorials.

22 12 2009
Lee Duguid

p.s. congrats on the Better Photography article

21 01 2010

a friend-blogger of mine suggested i come see your blog & speak to you about light painting 🙂
sure glad i took the advice, you’re an amazing photographer..really inspiring
these are the best abandoned place/night photography i have seen yet!

i am here to ask you about light painting ..i tried it for the first time this week & it got me so flustered i only ended up with 5 photos 😦
how do you shoot yours?

21 01 2010

Hey Chloe
Thanks for your nice note on my blog posting.

I think from your address you are based in Melb aren’t you?

If you are, there’s a good chance I’m going to be in Melb around 8th Feb for an overnight stay and I was planning to go out and do some light painting around the docklands with another Melb photographer. You are welcome to join us if you are up for it.

It’s easier to watch it than explain it in detail.


4 02 2010

Hello Brent, love your work! Had a crack last night myself. I think I have found a new passion! Any way Merv French suggested I come over, so I have!



4 02 2010

Hey David

Glad you found a new passion… thats wonderful.



9 06 2010
pesadilla / cauchemar / nightmare | Tonights Dream

[…] If you would like to see how this shot was done, then visit this blog post to see the video of the shoot as well as how it was post processed. […]

6 06 2011

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