Photoshop Tutorial – Finishing Images with black frames

19 09 2010

Today I ran a seascape workshop, and I promised the participants that I would upload a screencapture of how I finish my images with the black frames.  So here is a nice simple tutorial on the my workflow for creating finished web images with black frames and titles.

I hope you enjoy this.




6 responses

19 09 2010

Thats a pretty simple way of making an image look more spectacular ! Thanks for this 🙂

20 09 2010
Ante Antic

Oh my, the image looks great ! I would try this immediately

21 09 2010
Leanne Doroszuk

thank you – very helpful!

23 09 2010

Hello Brent , well done and very helpful, I would like to know how to resize a Photo with out losing the sharpness. Most Photography website will only take a smaller size

23 09 2010

Hey Marc

I always save my master file as unsharpened. It has only had pre-sharpeneing applied to it after RAW conversion.

If I need to send a smaller size photo somewhere (like Flickr), I resize it first and THEN apply output sharpening based on the new size.

I hope this helps.


11 10 2010

thanks for sharing Brent – always find our tutorials helpful.

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