Cool Shit Masking Tutorial Part 3 of 3 – Playing with the sky

5 09 2009

Thanks for the feedback on the first two tutorials.  This third tutorial in the series will show you a couple of techniques that you can use this type of precise masking for.  It will also demonstrate using a real case how to get rid of the fringing that sometimes occurs when trying to make accurate masks.

If you haven’t watched the first two parts to this series, I would recommend you look at the prior postings first.

Click here to view the 3rd part of the advanced masking tutorial.

I’m off to go camping up in Munmorah National Park.

Have a good weekend





6 responses

5 09 2009

Hey Brent .

Great tutorial mate .. Have to agree with you on keeping it real when it comes to changing skies , but i can see the benefits in isolating different points on an image and fine tuning .. These will come in handy in those tricky situations 😉

have a good one mate ..

6 09 2009
Dan Scott

Hey Mate,
Just finished watching your tutorials, These along with your painting with light tuts are excellent. Both are full of heaps of useful tips and tricks. After checking out your blog a while back I wanted to try out some night photography, unfortunately I havent been out as much as id like to have recently. But everything has quietened down a bit now, so i should have a bit more time up my sleave. Thanks for the tutorials.

6 09 2009

Hi Brent, great series of tutorials, have learn’t some great techniques there that will be most useful. Thanks for sharing.

10 09 2009

Nice conclusion to the series. Isn’t it typical that someone does a burnout and the door bell rings in the last 30 sec of your 6 minute tutorial. 🙂

12 09 2009

Hi Brent,
I have been following your blog for some time, and I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing all your tips and information. Your photography is absolutely amazing, and I’m enjoying learning from you. Keep up the excellent work!

20 09 2009

A nice conclusion to the series Brent!

Very informative again and cleared up a few mysteries for me.

Thanks again and well done.



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