Tutorial: Post Processing “F11 and Be There”

27 03 2011

It’s been quite a while since I have posted on the blog, so I thought I’d get back into it with a photoshop post processing tutorial.  This morning I went out with a few buddies for a shoot.  What a fantastic day…. one of those days where everything comes together… forecast was for scattered showers, so I was hopeful….. on the drive down to Curl Curl it was raining pretty hard, but my iPhone showed it was just an isolated shower.

Sure enough once I got to the car park and met the other three photographers that were shooting with me the rain stopped, but there was big brooding storm clouds all around us.  We walked off onto the rocks, got one more little shower and then the rain stopped for the rest of the morning and some clear patches opened up on the Eastern horizon.

The reason for the title of this image is because I think this expression is the best way to get images… just be there….. there were supposed to be a few others showing up to shoot, but my guess is that the rain scared them off.

There is nothing too flash in this tutorial, but it’s more the combination of when and where I use various effects that give me the results on this image.  It’s a short tutorial, I hope you enjoy it.





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27 03 2011

Nice tutorial Brent. Thanks for posting.

27 03 2011

Nice one mate.

Very interesting to see how you perceiced those colours in the sky and the scene in general. I shot the same sky with the same equipment so I had to play with similar raw images.

Great work asusual, thanks for sharing.


29 03 2011
Lee Duguid

Nice tutorial Brent, great results. It’s been way too long since I shot a seascape, this time of year seems to give the most interesting sky’s.

If you pixel peep on Kelvin’s freaky details do you see any weird effects? The printer I use reported that the effect can give nasty artefacts like double edge halos on high contrast boundaries and black rings around highlights.

29 03 2011
Andrew Brown

Great tute Brent. Thanks heaps

29 03 2011

Hey Lee

Yeah, Freaky details can do some strange things, but often thats what gives it the punch. I tend to mainly use it on textures and stuff where any artifacts will not be noticed anyway.


30 03 2011

Thanks Brent, I always enjoy and learn something watching your tutorials – cheers.

30 03 2011

Another excellent tutorial. One comment from me, when using auto curves try setting the blend mode to luminosity. Should get rid of any colour cast it introduces while giving you the contrast you are after.


1 04 2011
True North Mark

Nicely done mate!

26 04 2011
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22 09 2011
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